About Me

I’m a Linux lover and passionate PHP developer. Servant of Christ, husband of a wonderful woman.

It was in the early 2000s when I started as a self tough PHP developer. A friend lent me a copy of PHP and MySQL Web Development by L. Welling and L. Thompson, and I started reading out of curiosity, just for the love of learning something new.

I was introduced to Linux around 2003-4 by another friend who gave me a copy of Knoppix.  Immediately after booting the Live-CD, I was amazed by the elegance of an *nix operating system.

Months later, I decided to abandon Winblow$ once for all, and chose to install Slackware 10 without having any idea of what I was getting myself into (there’s no cotton-candy graphical installation process there). Minutes after I started the installation process, there was no rollback (the MBR was already blown) and there was I, trapped in what seemed to me like my own version of “Nightmare on Elm Street”. Long story short: I had to get a Slackware book in order to read my way out of the mess I got myself into. Nevertheless, I loved the experience, I liked the challenge.

Later I decided to share my (scarce/little) knowledge and help some people in the Hispanic community that were not able to read in English, that’s how I ended up maintaining the Spanish version of the Slackware Linux’s Project website, and added a section dedicated to short tutorials. I constantly posted articles and tips in other blogs and LATAM oriented sites, and from time to time I added my 2 cents to the English community as well (like here).

On 2006 I started working at a hosting company that had one of its offices here, in Dominican Republic. It was there that I acquired experience in cPanel/WHM administration, Customer Support roles and, later, started to work in the VoIP field, which allowed me to contribute and participate (cf. [1] , [2], [3]) in other open source communities, as well as run two FAQ-style blogs based on quality questions and answers related to VoIP[4] and Linux fields[5].

Finally, at the moment I’m still working as PHP developer, and I’m looking forward to put my hands on python, Java and node.

Update: add GoLang to the above list. Oh my! what an elegant piece of art.

Feel free to contact me at jose [at] pavelespinal.com or follow me on any social network.