Next stop: cPanel & WHM Administrator Certification

So here’s the deal. Soon I’ll be managing new responsibilities that involves serious knowledge of cPanel/WHM, and although I have experience working with this platform, I’ve been studying the cPanel documentation as if my life depends on it.

For the aforementioned purpose, I’ve been making my way through the documentation available in the cPanel University. So far it has been an outstanding resource. And incredibly enough, they offer this certification for free. They have my total respect for this.

One of the advantages of going through the cPanel University curriculum is that you can opt for taking the certification exam, which will be a valuable asset for your career.

Go ahead and sigh up. There’s nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

See you soon,

2 Replies to “Next stop: cPanel & WHM Administrator Certification”

    1. I’ve been progressing in a very slow fashion due to the lack of time.

      About my experience, yes. I’ve actually installed/configured cPanel/WHM servers from scratch in the past when I worked at DomiNET. That was my “school” in this matter (in Asterisk PBX as well 🙂 ).

      I think you would get along very well with cPanel/WHM due to your background.

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