New certifications in the landscape: Linux+ | LFCS

As advised previously, I started a my new job exactly a month from now. There has been many things to learn, many hats to wear. The willingness to help by everyone in the team (which is a big one, by the way) makes everything easier.

At this moment it is clear that continuing the cPanel/WHM training is extremely helpful, not to say required. I was thinking about going after RHCSA, but it happens that there’s no chance to take that certification exam in my country, and to make things more complicated, you are required to renew the certificate yearly. So, even if I decided to travel USA in order to take the exam (which is not going to happen anytime soon), I would have to do it once a year. That definitively puts RHCSA certification out of the equation for me.

By the other hand, we have weightier certifications in the landscape: Linux+ (CompTIA Linux+ Powered by LPI) and LFCS, so there’s nothing to cry about. I already found a considerable amount of preparation guides for those two.

Finally, it has been a challenge to reorganize my schedule, but many things that were not previously being achieved are a reality today.

And that’s it. That basically resumes what has been going on lately.

Bonus point: here’s a picture of how my home office looks like. My wife helped me choosing stuff at IKEA:

Pavel Espinal: Home Office
My home office.

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  1. I have been reading you recently and I note that we have a lot in common, I mean, I had LFCS (it ended this December) and I’ve been thinking about RHCSA, but for the same reasons, it’s not going to be any sooner.

    Anyhow, having that certification

    1. Jonathan!, bro!

      I recently read one of your posts at the Linux Dominicana forum on FB about a new book you acquired. It really motivated me.

      I’m aware of the importance of RHCSA certification, but the fact that our country is not in the list for them, makes them out of the list for me. Think about it, there’s like 5 institutions where you can get some CompTIA exams and training here (actually, 6, as Cyborg just got an alliance with CompTIA), and not even one for RedHat.

      I’ll continue sharpening my skills towards Linux+ and LFCS.

    1. Thanks, Benny!

      Sorry for the late reply. The fact that cPanel offers this quality documentation for free is amazing, indeed. I’m slowly going through the documentation and trying to motivate some other team members at work.

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