2011-11-27 18:05:54

Who am I? What do I do?

$ cat /proc/self (Who am I?)

My name is José P. Espinal, technology hobbyist and freelancer. OOP PHP programmer, Linux admin, Asterisk based solutions developer. I'm the current maintainer of the official Spanish version of ‘Slackware Linux Essentials’ book (Lo Esencial de Slackware Linux) at http://www.slackware-es.com.

I like to develop robust and scalable PHP web applications, custom (Asterisk based) VoIP solutions and, when possible, a graceful fussion between them. I enjoy using and administering Linux systems and had a good time dealing with cPanel/WHM installation/administration.

Do you need my services? just email me!

This is my public LinkedIn profile: http://do.linkedin.com/pub/jose-p-espinal


$ cat  /proc/uptime (My experience)

  • Near 10 years of PHP/MySQL development
  • About 8 years of Slackware Linux administration
  • About 5 years of Asterisk experience
  • About 6 years of CentOS + cPanel/WHM administration experience


$ cat /proc/sys/kernel (Something else about me?)

Yes. I’m another one who confess the Lord Jesus as solely and sufficient savior, and king of my live.